Sinusitis – Precautations to be taken (साइनोसाइटिस में क्या बचाव करना है)

Sinusitis is a disorder involving Sinus. Patient having sinusitis may complain of Blocked Nose, Pain over frontal or Maxillary Region, headache, heavyness head, mucopurulent Discharge from Nose, bitter taste etc. Sinusitis may be due to bacterial infection or may be Allergic. If infective then most common source of infection is caries tooth. Allergic Sinusitis is more common then Baterial Sinusitis.To get cure faster then certain precautation has to be taken like Avoiding Nasal blowing, take Vit. C rich diet, cover the nose with mask and treatment advised by doctor.

7 Replies to “Sinusitis – Precautations to be taken (साइनोसाइटिस में क्या बचाव करना है)”

  1. Alfi Bank

    What is the best way to eliminated my sinusitis pain & embarrassment for good by using healthy approaches? I read loads of great reviews on the internet about how exactly Sinuzolax Miracle will help you cure your sinus safely. Has any one tested out this popular sinus treatment?

  2. Rahul Namdev

    sir bahut achaa..aap hme yesi helth se judi jankari dete rhna…meri mami ko chike bahut aati he or naak se pani aata he..mami bahut pareshaan he pls ispar apna video jarur dalna

  3. love jain

    sir namastey mera sinusitis ka opration bhi ho chuka h or ear ka b opration ho chuka hai
    ear behta rhta tha to uska parde me ched btaya tha to 6 sal phle opration kra lia tha fir nose close rhti thi to dr. ne sinusitis ka opration kia
    pr dono prblm abhi b h
    ear ki hrct of temparol bone karya to dr. ne btaya tissue gal rhe h opration ki bola hai
    or nose or gala me sardi me prblm bdh jati hai
    plz kuch suggest kre

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